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Afghanistan devises strategy to boost marble industry

KABUL: The ministry of mines and petroleum said on Monday that it has drafted a mutual strategy with the ministry of commerce and industries to form the process of marble producing and exporting.

Abdul Qadir Motfi, spokesman of the ministry of mines and petroleum said that the strategy would pave the ground for the domestic and foreign traders to invest on marble producing and exporting.

He said that the chamber of commerce and industries was also part of shaping the strategy.

Afghanistan possesses more than 1.3 billion tons of marble with the worth of over 15 billion dollars.

123 companies have so far invested 60 million dollars in marble project in Afghanistan.

Armed opposition groups and powerful people are illegally extracting and smuggling natural sources to neighboring countries especially to Pakistan.

Illegal and unprofessional mine extraction sometimes claim the lives of people. 30 miners recently died in a gold mine collapse in Badakhshan province.

Economic analysts say that such strategies would not be useful if the government does not protect and pay attention over mines in the rural.

Economic analyst Saifuddin Saihoon said that the marbles mines have been located in the part of the country where the government has no influences to implement these strategies.

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