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Afghanistan has ’10m’ covid-19 infections: Survey

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KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday said that around 10 million Afghans were infected with coronavirus across the country since the outbreak of the virus nearly six month ago.

This is based on a survey which was done according to the WHO, Johns Hopkins University and USAID standards, which covered 9,514 persons in nine zones throughout the country.

Minister of Public Health Ahmad Jawad Osmani said that based on this survey 31.5 percent of the population, which is equal to around 10 million people have contracted coronavirus.

According to him, 55 percent in Kabul, 42.9 percent in eastern provinces, 36.3 percent in central provinces, 34.1 percent in western provinces, and 32.4 percent in north-eastern provinces were infected with the virus.

The infection rate in urban areas had been high as compared to the rural areas, in urban it was 37 percent and in rural areas it was 27 percent.

Positive cases among women were 32 percent and 29 percent among the men — 35.2 percent was among the adults, and 25.3 percent among the children aged 5-17.

The national survey was conducted to determine the infection rate to have at least an estimated number of infected persons and those who lost their lives.

In total in the whole country 31.5 percent of the population have been infected with the coronavirus and recovered, based on a rapid test which shows antibodies in the blood, he added.

The covid-19 cases have dropped significantly in the past few weeks as MoPH has recorded 47 new positive cases in the past 24 hours.

The ministry said that it has tested 275 suspected cases which 47 out of it were reported positive.

Six patients died of the virus and 186 others have recovered.

According to the ministry, Afghanistan has tested a total of 89,822 cases, where 36,829 were confirmed positive. Out of this number, 25,742 have been recovered and 1,294 lost their lives due to coronavirus in the nearly six months.

It is worth mentioning that the government has gradually lifted the lockdown and on Wednesday it allowed the universities to reopen. Some of the hotels and nearly all of the parks have reopened. However, the health ministry is still advising the people to use masks at universities and in crowded areas and seriously observe social-distancing.

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