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Afghanistan named among deadliest places for journalists

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KABUL – A recent report by Reporters Without Borders has identified Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Russia as the most perilous nations for journalists. The findings, released on Sunday, highlight the severe oppression faced by free media in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule, with journalists being arrested on charges of espionage.

According to the report, Afghanistan witnessed at least 21 cases of journalist arrests in 2023, with three journalists still held in ‘Taliban prison.’ The assessment is based on indicators such as media freedom, independence, tolerance of power, journalist security, and the environment for disseminating critical content.

The global scenario is grim, with 779 journalists detained for varying periods in 2023, and 547 remaining incarcerated in different nations. In Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Journalists Center’s annual report documented 168 cases of rights violations, encompassing incidents like death, injury, threats, and arrests.

The center also reported eight cases of media activity bans in 2023. Notably, Afghanistan experienced 61 journalist arrests, 78 threats, one death, and 19 injuries during the same period. The report sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by journalists worldwide, urging attention to safeguard press freedom and protect those who risk their lives to uncover critical stories.”

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