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Afghanistan to call on Warsaw conference for pressure over Pakistan

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghan government will call on Warsaw summit to bring pressure on Pakistan to take right decision in anti-terror war in the country.

The upcoming NATO summit is to be held in early July in Warsaw.

“It will be impossible not to point at Pakistan’s role when you talk about the war in Afghanistan or the region,” said Hanif Atmar, National Security Advisor.

He said that it was difficult to explain the war without role of Pakistani army.

This issue often was discussed by Afghan government in mutual and multiple sessions, he added.

Atmar said that Afghan government was first to negotiate with Pakistan, not with Taliban.

“This is because the war elements are not able to continue fight with us without a regional backing,” Atmar said, adding that Taliban militants enjoy training centers and other facilities inside Pakistan.

He said that not only Afghanistan, but those countries who lost their dear ones in the Afghan war, are also supposed to ask Islamabad for a clear explanation about its role in the war on terror.

“All these countries want a clarification that who is backing terrorism in the region,” he mentioned.

The national security advisor said that Afghanistan would not aim to criticize Pakistan for not being serious in the fight against terrorism, but “we want those countries who did not take a right decision in the past, to be serious and take a clear step.”

He emphasized that the war on terror should be recognized with all its dimensions. He believes that this is a regional and even international war, not only a small fight in Afghanistan.

“The NATO should convey a clear message to the enemies, supporters of terrorism and the regional countries at the Warsaw conference.”

He said that Afghanistan had drafted a scheme and was fully ready to present its priorities in the Warsaw summit. “It includes security, good governance, social, economic and cultural affairs.”

Atmar said that Kabul would ask for a reassurance of the NATO member countries about their financial helps to Afghan security forces.

“We particularly want the NATO member countries to empower Afghan air force, because we need a strong and modern air force,” he said, adding that the NATO’s training and advising mission should continue.

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