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“Afghanistan will be a pariah nation if Taliban rise to power by force”

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KABUL: A top U.S. official has warned that Afghanistan will be an isolated nation if the Taliban take power by force.

This comes amid rapid advances by the Taliban. The group has overrun many towns and key transit ports and trade corridors and heavy fighting is threatening to throw the country out of gears, and even worse, foreign forces are pulling out leaving Afghan security forces unaided.

If the Taliban seize power by force, Afghanistan will become an ostracized country, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told MSNBC television.

“That’s exactly why we got there in the first place, and it’s important to remember that,” he said. We were attacked on September 11th. We went to Afghanistan to capture those who attacked us and bring them to justice. Osama bin Laden was brought to justice 10 years ago, and the al-Qaeda group responsible for the attacks was severely weakened in terms of its capacity to attack anyone from Afghanistan.

“We want to make sure we are aware of that,” Blinken said. If we see this threat re-emerging, we are supposed to be in a position to take action against it. But that’s why we were there, and now, 20 years later, we have spent a trillion dollars and thousands of Americans who later lost their lives in this campaign. I think the reason we went there is that we have to focus on it, and we did mostly what we needed to do.

According to him, the United States is deeply concerned about the actions of the Taliban and suggests that they may seize the country by force. Blinken said that if the Taliban seized Afghanistan by force, it would become an outcast country.

“If the Taliban have a responsibility in this country, they will not get the help they are looking for,” he said. He does not receive the support he says he wants from the international community. We are actively involved in diplomacy because there is no military solution to this conflict that has been going on in Afghanistan for more than 40 years and we are trying to end this issue.

Earlier, the White House said, referring to ongoing talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, that the US government, led by Joe Biden, believed that lasting peace in Afghanistan was possible only through a political solution.

Amid growing Taliban violence, White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday: “I emphasize that political talks are underway, which are definitely supported by Afghan leaders, members of the Afghan government and the Taliban.

“We believe that only a political solution can lead to lasting peace in Afghanistan,” Saki said. But we will continue to provide support to this government in the form of humanitarian aid, security and training. We will also continue to encourage them to play a leading role in defending and protecting their own people.

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