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Afghanistan’s ‘Achilles’ Gives His Life To Save Students

CommanderFinalllllllllllllllllOne of Afghanistan’s leading crack commanders, Lieutenant Mohammed Akbar, was killed in Wednesday night’s attack on the American University in Afghanistan – a loss that is seen as a great tragedy to the Afghan National Security Forces and to the country.

Akbar was leading a Crisis Response Unit team in the university at the time of his death.

Along with his team, he had climbed a ladder to the second floor of the university and was systematically clearing classrooms – saving hundreds of students.

At the end of a corridor, one insurgent was hiding. He managed to fire off a few rounds killing Akbar in the process.

CRU team members that had been with Akbar fired back and killed the insurgent.

Akbar’s death is a great loss to Afghanistan. Since 2009 he has participated in over 30 high profile attacks in Kabul including the attack on the Pashtani Bank, the ministry of justice, the Intercontinental Hotel, the Serena Hotel attack, Kabul airport attack, Parliament, Green Village guest house and many more.

In addition to being the commander of the CRU, C Squadron, Akbar had also been involved in numerous intelligence-led night raids in various provinces of Afghanistan and had successfully led his team in helping retake Kunduz city last year.

Also known to his men as “Akbar e Daraz”, he was likened to the historic Greek mythological warrior “Achilles” – as he was always decisive, courageous and a leader by definition at any scene.

Akbar is survived by his wife and one daughter.–(TOLOnews)

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