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Afghanistan’s neighbors are expected to help peace, not to make trouble

The United States and its allies in NATO are in a surprising hurry to leave Afghanistan after staying here for 20 years to what they had claimed “war on terror”. The withdrawal that is taking place so hastily as they do not have time to collect their equipment and only get them out as scrap, surprises the people of Afghanistan who see terrorist activities around themselves who take the lives of their loved ones, relatives and friends every day in every area especially in Kabul city.Amid this uncertainty, Taliban are doing their best to misuse the turbulent situation and expand their controlled ground by launching increased attacks in all over the country. The militant group who clearly does not care of any peaceful settlement and just wants to topple the system in Afghanistan by force, receives instructions from our neighbor Pakistan where the group’s leaders enjoy luxury residences and bank accounts.Pakistan that has been directly and evidently involved in Afghanistan issues since 1978 and even before that time when the then mujahideen leaders took refuge there to start destructive activities against King Zaher and then Dawood Khan’s government, has not stopped interfering our home affairs and is still trying to throw big rocks on the road to the already delicate peace.But the country tries to blame all its guilt to others, as Islamabad recently used the word of “peace destructives” in Afghanistan in an attempt to apparently distract public opinion that Pakistan is honest about Afghan peace, and these are some other circles inside and outside Afghanistan who try not to let the process get results.If Pakistan is really honest in peace efforts in Afghanistan, it can easily call on Taliban leaders to agree on a lasting cease fire and stop attacking Afghans so the peace efforts go on comfortably. People in Afghan urban and rural areas lose their lives and properties every day by Taliban attacks and our soldiers and police are victims of terrorist activities, but still political leaders in Islamabad try to blame all the tragedy on the Afghans and some others who are not identified.In fact, this is Pakistan who makes trouble for peace process in Afghanistan and this is more obvious than the sunshine to the world inhabitants that Islamabad is the only or at least one of peace destructives in Afghanistan. If Pakistan continues such dual games regarding Afghanistan, it will not be too late that the flames of Afghan war will catch Islamabad’s feet and will burn all its body.

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