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Afghanistan’s remote learning program may prove futile

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani has just inaugurated the electronic higher educational system – the first attempt to digitalize education system – an act which may well prove futile.

The system has been crafted by Afghan technicians and is said to be a cheaper and superior system of learning. The government is even contemplating digitalizing governance system.

Although it is groundbreaking step towards advancing education, it is neither enough nor effective because of a pyramid of challenges. People are grappling with acute poverty more than before due to coronavirus lockdowns; there is also a great shortage of electricity and internet services all across the country which would impede the implementation of the distance learning.

An initiative as vast as this one requires vast investments in the telecom sector, internet and telephone services. That is one angle of the predicament which merely involves the technicalities. The real challenge is the people’s morale, who has been badly stupefied by abject poverty in the aftermath of coronavirus outbreak and its consequent quarantine, and a willingness to learn through such tricky and costly system of education.

The government has first to do away with the economic evils and then float such ambitious ideas which necessitate funds for its prerequisites. This initiative could even prove to be counterproductive if it fails to be institutionalized with huge government investments in it squandered.

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