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Afghans blame corruption for economic woes

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KABUL: “We could provide some different foods for our families in the past, but this is very hard now to provide different meals,” Shima Hazrati, a teacher in Kabul city says.

She believes that administration corruption is the main reason of Afghans’ miseries, saying that the people did not feel positive changes in their lives even as billions of dollars were donated to the country.

“We Afghans including teachers didn’t see any change in our lives in the past 19 years despite the donation of billions of dollars. I think that administration corruption is the main reason of our miseries,” she said Wednesday.

According to a report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the United States only donated 130 billion dollars to different sections in Afghanistan since 2002.

But the ordinary people still complain of poverty and joblessness.

“We do not have an airport in Bamyan province, we do not have electricity there, we have nothing and this puts a bad impact on the people because all the donated money was misused,” says Abdul Khaleq Bamyani, a construction worker from the central province of Bamyan now working in Kabul.

“People have lots of problems and the corruption has made distance between people and the government. Everyone in the government offices is corrupt. The people are really tired of this situation,” Abdul Karim, a shopkeeper in the northeastern province of Badakhshan said.

The international community asks the government of Afghanistan to fight corruption, a demand repeated for several times.

The donor states and organizations in a recent conference held in Geneva, pledged to donate 13 billion dollars for the next four years to Afghanistan. The donation this time is condition-based and Kabul has been called to seriously fight corruption.

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