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Afghans Expect Biden to Help End War

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KABUL: As Joe Biden was sworn in as the new president of the United States, people in Afghanistan call for his assistance to put an end to the 20-year long war.

“I think that the US governments’ policies put impact on the situation in Afghanistan. I want the new government of the United States to take useful steps in human rights and empowering of the governing system in Afghanistan,” Rohina, a resident of Balkh province said.

“I demand Joe Biden to pay more attention to human rights, end of war and improvement of economy in Afghanistan,” Nawid, a resident of Ghazni province said.

Meanwhile, Afghan politicians call on Biden to be responsible in troop withdrawal and support the ongoing Afghan peace efforts.

“I want Mr. Biden who has become the new president of America to responsibly pull his troops out of Afghanistan and secondly he should concentrate more on the peace efforts since it is the will of every Afghan,” said Shahzada Masssoud, an adviser to former president Hamid Karzai.

President Ashraf Ghani had earlier said that if Biden wants to pull his soldiers out of Afghanistan, he needs to get an agreement with Kabul.

Ghani said in an interview with the CNN that a roadmap was needed based on the interests of Kabul and Washington in the troop withdrawal.

“Mr. Biden is a veteran politician and his deputy is a woman. They need to be serious regarding Afghanistan matter and end the war here. They should not ignore women’s achievements and women’s rights should be preserved in the next government in Afghanistan,” said Fattana Gilani, a women’s rights activist.

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