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Amidst humanitarian distress, over 200 Afghan migrants have been deported from Pakistan


Kabul: The Ministry of Migrants and Repatriates in Afghanistan has announced the compulsory repatriation of 200 Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

According to the ministry’s statement posted on its social media platform X on Monday, March 11, these migrants returned to the country via the Torkham border crossing.

Additionally, the ministry noted that another two thousand migrants, both forcibly and voluntarily, returned to Afghanistan from Iran.

It is important to highlight that most of the returning migrants have been reunited with their families, with 635 individuals identified as requiring assistance, as per the ministry’s report. However, despite these returns, the challenges faced by Afghan migrants in Iran and Pakistan remain urgent concerns.

In Pakistan, more than a million undocumented Afghan migrants are at risk of deportation, leading to a severe humanitarian crisis. The harsh winter conditions exacerbate their suffering, as they lack adequate shelter, food, and medical care. Many families are forcibly separated, compounding the trauma of displacement.

Similarly, in Iran, Afghan migrants endure deplorable conditions, including overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions, along with limited access to healthcare, education, and job opportunities. The recent forced deportations only worsen their situation, particularly during the harsh winter months.

In light of these challenges, the forced deportation of Afghan migrants from Pakistan and Iran raises serious humanitarian concerns. Without proper support and assistance, these vulnerable individuals and families face significant hardships, including exposure to severe weather conditions and a lack of essential resources. Urgent action is required to address their needs and ensure their safety and welfare.

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