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Amnesty International decries detention of women’s rights activists

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KABUL – Amnesty International has strongly condemned the ongoing detention of women’s rights activists in Afghanistan, warning that restrictions on girls and women may lead to “sexual harassment and crimes against humanity.” The Taliban’s actions have sparked concerns among civil society activists, particularly regarding the marginalization of women in the country.

In a recent statement, Amnesty International expressed deep concern over the detention of Parisa Azadeh, a women’s rights activist, highlighting the urgency of the situation. Azadeh, the fourth woman detained by the Taliban regime, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday while involved in printing protest banners in western Kabul.

The human rights organization underscored that the Taliban’s severe restrictions and unlawful suppression of Afghan women could result in “crimes against humanity and sexual harassment.” Women’s rights activists contend that the Taliban government has consistently suppressed women’s protests over the past two years to instill fear and marginalize them completely.

Responding to the expansion of women’s protests, the Taliban government has resorted to detaining protesting women. Nida Parwani, Julia Parsi, and Manizha Seddiqi, along with their family members, have been under the Taliban government’s control for over a month.

Over the past two years, the Taliban administration has issued more than 50 restrictive orders affecting the lives of Afghan women and girls, a move denounced by human rights activists as a manifestation of gender apartheid in Afghanistan. The situation has raised growing concerns about the well-being and rights of women and civil society activists in the country.

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