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Analysts: Target killings carried out to restrict freedom of speech

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KABUL: Some political experts condemn target killings as a plan to restrict freedom of speech.

The comments come days after Wahid Mozdha, a political analyst was shot dead by two unknown gunmen in Kabul city.

Meanwhile, members of parliament and political experts say that the government does not fulfill its obligation regarding the freedom of speech.

They warned of an unpleasant consequence if the killing of political activists is not prevented.

Lawmakers and political experts say that the cases of target killing had not been probed. They called on the government to break silence and take practical measures in prevention the killings of political activists as its obligation.

The legislatives asked the government to ensure security of freedom speech.

They called target killing an alarm against the freedom of speech, saying that it should be prevented.

Political analysts say that freedom of speech is the right of every Afghan citizen according to the constitution, and the government has to provide security of this civil right.

They criticized government for remaining careless in this regard, saying it is government’s responsibility to seriously safeguard political activists who explain the truth.

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