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Anti Daesh operations will be lunched in Zabul and Ghazni: Abdullah

AT-KABUL:  The chief executive Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said the special military operations would be lunched to suppress the Daesh terrorist group and Taliban insurgents in the southern Zabul and southeastern Ghazni provinces.

He clued-up regarding government’s intention during a meeting with the elders of the two provinces in Kabul.

The elders of Zabul province said a thousand Daesh terrorists had arrived in Khak-e-Afghan and Nawbahar districts to establish and strengthen their presence and movements.

The Ghazni representatives said the Daesh and Taliban insurgents have started to expand their footholds in the Nawa district.

The Daesh terrorists have reportedly arrived with their families and are fully equipped with arms turning in an entry point for the foreign insurgents.

The elders of the two provinces asked the operations should be launched soon to target the militants during the winter season before they manage to gain a prominent foothold.

This comes as the First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum had said in October that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as Daesh) terrorist group planned to deploy at least 7,000 fighters in the country.

The Vice President added that the Taliban should be initially defeated in a bid to pave the way for the establishment of strong posts for the security forces to fight the Daesh terrorists.

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