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Anxiety simmers after U.S. embassy warnings on possible attacks

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KABUL: People in different provinces of Afghanistan have been worried in the wake of a warning issued Saturday by the US embassy that terrorist attacks would probably target government’s civilian servants in the upcoming days and weeks.

The human rights activists call on the war parties not to target civilians to gain their goals.

“The threats we heard about on Saturday from the US embassy, is a matter of concern for men and other civilians. Attacking on the civilians is a clear violation of the human and Islamic laws as well as violates the war principles,” said Lal Gol Lal, from the human rights commission in Kabul.

Women’s activists are part of the targets, according to the warning, which did not clarify which terrorist group had threatened civilians.

“The people of Afghanistan call that military targets should not be reached through civilian canal,” said Enayat Naseri, a civil society activist in Kabul.

Meanwhile, the education ministry calls it a threat against humanism.

Sayera Sharif, a member of parliament, said Sunday that some terrorist groups are working to derail the ongoing peace process by destructive activities.

But Tareq Aryan, spokesman of the interior ministry assured that terrorist groups could not be a big threat for people.

“We are ready against the threats. We will allow nobody to make big threats for people,” he said.

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