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Army base falls to Taliban, scores of soldiers missing in Ghazni

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KABUL: An army base in Ghazni province fell to Taliban fighters, provincial officials confirm.

Abdul Jame Jame, member of provincial council said Saturday that the militants stormed the army base at the outskirts of provincial capital of the same name late Friday and managed to take its control.

“Four government bases have fallen to Taliban in Ghazni over the past one week and another base unfortunately fell to them on the outskirts of Ghazni city,” Jame said.
“25 soldiers stationed in the base have gone missing and we have no information of their fate. There are conflicting reports that they have either surrendered to Taliban or have been martyred.”
Jame couldn’t provide more information about the base, saying that the area is under control of Taliban.
He expressed concerns over consecutive fall of government bases to Taliban. “The provincial police chief is an unprofessional person and is unable to remove threats.”
Jame said that security situation in Ghazni was a matter of serious concern, warning of the fall of the entire province if Kabul remains spectator.
Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, said that their fighters took control of a “big army base” in the Arezoo neighborhood of Ghazni city.
He claimed that 20 soldiers were taken hostage during the base fall.
Officials in the ministry of defense did not reject the report of the army base fall, saying it was being investigated.

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