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Billboards in Kabul: ‘Loya Jirga coming soon’

AT News Report-KABUL: After repeatedly call for holding Loya Jirga, now there are a number of billboards have been erected in Kabul city with the message that a Loya Jirga will be organized soon.

A large number of Afghan officials, politicians, Wolesi Jirga and Meshrano Jirga members supported call of Loya Jirga to discuss current challenges in the country.

According to them, Loya Jirga is the only remedy left to become heavier over current problems, especially on security issues as insecurity has been intensified across the country.

Moreover, former President Hamid, called for the Loya Jirga gathering aimed at discussing situations in the country. He strongly slammed the new US strategy for Afghanistan as it focused more in war rather than reconciliation of peace efforts.

Moreover, Gul Rahman Qazi, a former member of Afghanistan’s Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitutions, said that convening of Loya Jirga will be the only prescription to resolve crisis in the county.

He also claimed that National Unity Government has no legitimacy at eyes of law.

Loya Jirga has a special place among the Afghan masses it has history of centuries. Whenever there is key decision like approving a new constitution, declaring war, choosing a new king, or making social or political reforms, then Loya Jirga convened to decide over.

However, the government totally showed unawareness of the billboards on the Loya Jirga placed around the Kabul city.

It is worth mentioning that even German media suggested Afghan government to focus on new method in order to overcome challenges, terming Loya Jirga as the best option.

Nothing the current challenges in Afghanistan, the nordbaern.de (a Germany-based media outlet) reported that new form of policy is need of the hour, terming Loya Jirga as the best platform to cope with uncertainty.

Keeping in view the prevailing situation, the agency suggested new policy for Afghanistan, giving priority to the Loya Jirga.



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