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Capacity building programs for women fruitless so far: Mohammadi

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Legal adviser to the Afghan president on Sunday said that despite spending millions of US dollars in past 13 years over the capacity building programs for women, the projects have failed to empower women.

Addressing a conference here, Abdul Ali Mohammadi said that economic status of women could not be improved in the past decade despite flow of donations.

“The programs have utterly failed to empower women economically. This is the reason that other problems faced by women cannot be resolved. Women still to get recognition as human in Afghanistan. First of all, women shall be recognized as human and first class citizen of the country as per international laws and the religion,” he said.

Representative of the Justice Sector Support Program, Mary, said that women are economically dependent as they have no or little access to education sector.

Acting Minister of Women Affairs, Sayeda Mezhgan Mustafawi, rejected the perception that women are not empowered, but accepted that there are still many problems due to insecurity.

She termed nomination of four women ministers a big achievement of the National Unity Government (NUG). Ms Mustafawi said that seats for women should be allocated in the judiciary and other government organizations as well.

The goal of the three-day conference is to discover ways for improvement of the society through economic growth. After discussion with economist a national plan would be drafted to empower women in economic terms.

Sayed Masood, a lecturer at the Economy Faculty of Kabul University, said that production of handicrafts by women show their ability. He said that nine million women, who are living in the rural areas, are doing different types of jobs such as making of handicrafts.

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