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Cashiers on work strikes to criticize Central Bank’s decision to cancel individual job licenses

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KABUL: The Afghan cashiers went on a mass work strike on Saturday to criticize Da Afghanistan Bank’s (Central Bank) decision of revoking the individual currency job licenses.

They said that the Central Bank had imposed more tariffs on the cashiers and demand them to forge a union license.

“The license should be volunteered and it should be given to those who have access to internet and electricity,” said, Mohammad Hashim, a member of the cashiers’ council in Kabul. “Nearly 100 cashiers took the license for the union but the Central Bank denied our requests and stress to change the individual license to union license.”

He said that the work strike was staged by all cashiers across the country. The prevention of individual currency exchange activities affects financial deals and paves the ground for rising in rate of foreign countries’ currency, according to him.

The cashier council in a statement has called on the Central Bank to pay attention to their wishes as most of the cashiers lack access to internet and power.

But the Bank said that it made the decision to counter money laundering and terrorism.

Hassibullah Noori, an official at the bank said that they provided the necessary information for the cashiers. “Changing the individual license to union license is very easy,” he said. “The Central Bank of Afghanistan provided facilities in regards such as they should pay taxes, annual tariffs to the Bank.”

Affecting this scheme is in contrary with the national interests, he said, adding that many of the cashiers received the license. The cashiers held work strike at a time while the parliament is yet to approve the next year budget.

An economist Abdul Rahman Dard said that if these two issues were not solved, the country face serious consequences.

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