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Education under siege

The Taliban have shut at least 26 schools and two other educational institutes down in Haska Mina district of eastern Nangarhar province. The act is said to be the reaction of the Taliban to retaliate the arrest of their two colleagues by NDS—Afghan spy service. The savage act has caused …

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Editorial: Insurgency and gruesome carnage in Paktia’s Zurmat

In a recent spate of bloodshed, militants ruthlessly massacred nearly a dozen government officials in the Zurmat district of southern Paktia province. Militancy in this country, through all the decade, has drenched entire Afghanistan with blood. There is hardly a place where the insurgent Taliban haven’t spilled Afghan blood. When …

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Editorial: Putin’s friendly gesture and Afghanistan’s challenges

A promising gesture shown by Russia needs to be welcomed by Kabul as it needs economic development to keep the pace intact and not let the country slide back. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow is eager to help the people of Afghanistan in order to keep their country stable …

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Editorial: Pakistan’s Gen. Raheel in Kabul and AfPak security challenges

Since the entire region is being plagued by militancy, particularly AfPak region therefore the two neighboring countries—Afghanistan and Pakistan need joint mechanism against the common threat—terrorism and extremism. However, unfortunately the two stand poles apart let alone to be on the same page. And more unfortunately the two cannot be …

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Editorial: Kunar under attack once again

The lingering saga of Pakistan’s rocket attacks into Kunar is getting worse with each passing day. Sporadic rocket attacks from Pakistan’s security forces have made life in this eastern province miserable. Pakistan’s hysterical spree of shelling rockets into Kunar has unleashed deaths and destruction where the residents of the province …

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Editorial: How to address security and education challenges?

The ongoing war on militancy remains inconclusive until there is a stern pressure of those who train, support, feed and shelter Afghan militants. It also remains inconclusive until security mechanism is honed and intelligence network spurred. As security situation has been deteriorating across the country, but particularly in southern Helmand …

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