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Ceasefire sought amid complex Doha peace talks

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KABUL: In the wake of multifaceted peace talks in Doha, the High Council for National Reconciliation has once again called on the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire during intra-Afghan talks.

The ceasefire comes as the both sides (Afghan peace team and Taliban negotiating members) have failed to consent on rules and regulations to start the direct talks. It has been for 14 days that they are scrambling to find a common ground on the agendas and other issues.

Spokesman for the High Council for National Reconciliation, Faraidoon Khwazoon said that continuation of conflict has deeply concerned the masses.

Khwazoon, who is in Doha, said that war has been intensified causing provocation among the people. “Our demand and hope is that the Taliban stop the war and precede the talks.”

This is as the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah will leave for Islamabad on Monday to discuss the Afghan peace talks with the Pakistani officials.

Pakistan can play an important role in the peace process, According to Khwazoon.

After almost two decades of intensive fighting, where thousands of Afghans were killed and wounded, the first ever intra-Afghan peace talks is underway in Doha, the capital city of Qatar to find a formula to end the war.

The intra-Afghan talks started following release of prisoners by both sides, particularly releasing of over 6,000 Taliban prisoners by the government. The talks became possible after the US and the Taliban hammered out a deal in February that had provided ground for the Afghan-to-Afghan talks.

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