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Children’s Literature Home opens relief fund

By Akhtar M.Nikzad-KABUL: The Children’s Literature Home (a non-profit organization helping children in education) opened a relief fund on Saturday to collect aid for improvement of children’s literature.

Lack of appropriate books for children in the educational system has been considered the reason for the youth to establish the Home with the aim of supporting children through collecting aids.

The fund was opened by Ajmal Torman, fuonder of the Home and Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture.

Torman told media that the governments have not paid attention to improve children’s literature in the past 14 years.

“The purpose of the Home is to encourage Afghans including well-off people to help us in publishing books, magazines, stories, poems and songs based on the capabilities of the children,” he said.

“Children are the foundation of the community, but unfortunately, there was no appropriate attention by government in improvement their literature.”

He said that many books and poetries had been published for children but beyond their understanding. “Children have especial literature that should be reflected.”

“Now several writers have books and poems ready for publishing. If we could collect aids through the relief fund, we would be able to publish them,” he mentioned.

Culture Minister Abdul Bari Jahani marked that authors wrote many books for different age categories in the past, but they forgot to write books for children.

He donated 100,000 Afs to the fund and vowed to translate some English books in the national languages for children.

Mujib Mehrdad, a poet said that several books are imported from neighboring countries, because the government does not support domestic writers.

He asked the ministry of culture to set up a translation center to translate different foreign books to the national languages.

Books for children are mostly imported from Iran and Pakistan. Families are concerned about complicated phrases used in the books and ask government to encourage the Afghan authors to write books in the Afghan literature.





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