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China calls for lifting sanctions on Taliban

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KABUL: China’s representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, has urged the lifting of sanctions against the Taliban administration by the United States and Western countries.

Ambassador Zhang underlined the importance of Afghanistan’s participation in regional economic and trade cooperation initiatives. He called for increased dialogue and engagement with Kabul, highlighting the urgent need for funding to address Afghanistan’s financial challenges. Notably, the UN’s budget plan for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan amounted to $3.2 billion, but only 9% of this amount had been funded thus far.

Regarding sanctions, Zhang proposed the establishment of a package of exemption arrangements by the sanctions committee of the Security Council. This would allow international travel for officials from Afghanistan’s caretaker government, facilitating dialogue and interaction. He further suggested that the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on the officials of the Islamic Emirate should be adjusted or lifted in a timely manner based on the evolving situation.

In addition, Zhang urged the immediate release of Afghanistan’s frozen foreign reserves by the United States. This call reflects the importance China places on providing financial stability to Afghanistan during this transitional period. It is worth noting that China has been closely observing and evaluating the evolving policies and developments related to the Taliban, seeking to contribute to stability and regional cooperation in Afghanistan.

China’s policies towards the Taliban have been a subject of interest. China has expressed a desire for stability and security in Afghanistan, primarily due to concerns over potential spillover effects on its own territory. While China has refrained from officially recognizing the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, it has engaged in diplomatic efforts to establish communication channels and encourage dialogue. China has also expressed a willingness to contribute to Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction and development, primarily through infrastructure projects and investment initiatives. However, China’s approach towards the Taliban is multifaceted, balancing its interests in regional stability, counterterrorism efforts, and economic cooperation.

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