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Iran urges end to sanctions against Afghanistan

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KABUL: In a UN Security Council meeting on the Situation in Afghanistan, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Saeed Iravani strongly criticized the seizure of Afghanistan’s foreign assets and unilateral sanctions, attributing them to exacerbation of the country’s humanitarian crisis.

Iravani emphasized the need for impartial and unconditional humanitarian aid to reach those in need without political or external interference.

During his speech, Iranian ambassador stressed the importance of the international community fulfilling their humanitarian commitments and pledges, demonstrating solidarity with the Afghan people and offering them hope for a more stable and prosperous future. He called for the release of frozen assets and the lifting of unilateral sanctions to support Afghanistan’s economy and aid in its recovery.

Iravani criticized the lack of progress by the de facto authorities in forming an inclusive government and highlighted the severe restrictions and limitations imposed on Afghan women and girls, including limited access to education. He expressed concerns about attempts to erode cultural, linguistic, and historical ties and the dominance of Pashtun culture over other ethnic groups, urging the reversal of these measures to protect the basic human rights of all Afghans.

The ambassador reaffirmed Iran’s support for the United Nations’ ongoing efforts, including UNAMA, to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan. He commended the Secretary-General’s initiative held in Doha and expressed readiness to collaborate closely with Mr. Feridun Sinirlioglu, the Special Coordinator entrusted with conducting an independent assessment on Afghanistan.

Iravani addressed a recent border incident between Iranian border forces and Taliban security forces, attributing it to the inadequate capacity and training of the Taliban. Iran expressed its commitment to engaging with the Taliban to manage and prevent such incidents and emphasized the Taliban’s compliance with their obligations towards neighbors and the international community to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

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