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Civil activists protest to Kabul blast: ‘America with Pakistan are our main enemies’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: A number of the civil society activists strongly condemned the horrible massive car bomb that killed over 80 civilians and wounded over 463 others.

The angry protestors of the civil society who had gathered in the Shahr-e-Naw park, were carrying banners read “justice America with Pakistan are the main enemies”, “reason of those chain killings is cruel America”, “ we want cancellation of the security pact with America”.

“As the National Directorate of Security says Haqqani terrorist network was behind the Kabul attack, so we often raised voice that terrorist hideouts are in Pakistan,” said an activist of the civil society, Fardin Fedaie.

Pointing to Bilateral Security Agreement signed urgently after National Unity Government establishment, he said that America did nothing to boost up security and peace in Afghanistan, after signing BSA.

Unfortunately after signing of BSA insecurity increased to all provinces as well as Afghanistan changed to competition ground of powerful countries, he added.

He insisted that if the USA not step up efforts in implementation of BSA as committed, civil activists will establish strike tent in front of USA Embassy in Kabul.

Similar he warned of establishing strike tent in front of Pakistan Embassy in order to ask them to stop supporting terrorism, he noted.

Civil Activist Hamida Wardak said that “a youth’s life is more worthy than condemning of NUG leaders.”

She said that pains and injuries people and families sustained never will be treated by condemning of kissing of NUG leaders.

Afghanistan changed to a world power competition, but only Afghans are the victims, she claimed.

She hinted that Sardar Dawod Khan incident hided by Nangarhar incident and similar 209 Shaheen corps incident is to be hidden by Kabul attack, so this is a game only Afghans are sacrificing.

She called on USA to take serous insecurity in Afghanistan and must target the main hideouts of terrorism, which are located in Pakistan.

In the BSA fostering security of Afghanistan mentioned, but unfortunately, we faced day by day more insecurity, thus it is essential to the NUG take serious step with USA in the aspect, she asserted.

She also asked Pakistan to not play double face and take real step against Haqqani Network the main killer of Afghan innocent people.

Head of Alokozai Council, Ibrahim Alokozai urged all Afghans to mobilize against terrorist and support Afghan forces in order to eliminate insurgents group in the country.

He also asked NUG leader to bring real reform in security organs and end hiring and firing based on political significant.

Another Civil Activist Joianda said that “other country progress every day, but we hug mourn daily.”

She said that President Ghani must understand that never a country came to help another country to be rescued.

She stated that USA sacrifices Afghans for its own interest, so America as a big powerful country must be ashamed for playing with meek Afghan bloods.

Criticizing NUG leaders, she said that NUG had no any achievements in the past two years, except increasing patience of parents for losing their dearest ones.

She said that people patient over anymore, so government must not oblige people to came out on the street and lead this country to crisis.








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