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Civil institution worried about Daesh activities

AT-KABUL: The ‘New Line’ organization, a civil society body has voiced concerns of security situation in the country, saying that the Daesh terrorist group would probably expand its activities in Afghanistan after its subsequent defeats in Iraq and Syria.

Head of the organization, Naser Golrani said Saturday in Herat province that he had evidences that Daesh was recruiting in the country besides physical and cultural moves.

“The insecure situation is paving the ground for Daesh to reach its goals,” Golrani said, asking the government to prevent Daesh activities and not allow the country turn into second Iraq or Syria.

“The worsening situation in Afghanistan depends on the US troops that claim Daesh plans to shift its capital to the country’s Nangarhar province,” said a Herat university lecturer, Dawood Erfan.

He added that Daesh has presence in Ghor province that could be a serious threat to the security of Herat.

“The government is negligence in removing these groups. I think it will be a strategic mistake to divide terrorist groups into different levels,” said Erfan.

Government officials however, say that Daesh poses no threat in the insecure districts of Herat.

“We arrested Daesh terrorists who had come from other areas to Herat,” said Jilani Farhad, provincial spokesman.

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