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Clerics ban forced marriage in Bamyan

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KABUL: Ulemas (religious clerics) in central Bamiyan province have banned forced and underage marriages, a nuisance that has ruined the lives of many girls who were forcedly marriage and being deprived of their all fundamentals rights.   

The Ulemas said that some cultural taboos like force and underage marriages, and spending of a great amount of money for the wedding ceremonies were in contrast with the Islamic teachings and regulations.  

An official of Bamiyan Hajj Affairs, Nasrullah Balaghi said, “spending money under various terms for marriage should be stopped and the wedding parties should be small.”

But the implementation of the decisions of the religious clerics needs the government’s assistance to be effective. “We try to implement this decision,” said, Nasrullah Akhlaqi, a religious clerics.

Provincial Deputy Cultural and Social Affairs, Latifa Mohsani said that the decisions were not in contrast with the law and that the government organizations can assist in regards.

Based on a resolution formed by the Uelma, spending of money for a wedding party should come down to 100,000 AFs.

Previously, some communities in Bamiyan made similar decisions but due to the strict obedience of people from their traditional rules, the decisions were not put into practice.

A resident of Bamyan, Sima Mohammadi said, “A large number of our youths struggling with family violence due to these traditional codes.”

While a large number of Afghans live bellow sever poverty line, the wedding parties and marriages costs in an expensive price that pushes the society into more dispute and violence.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission vowed that force and underage marriages pose family disputes in the society.

Head of Bamiyan Human Rights, Jawad Kargar said, “A big part of the family dispute in Afghanistan is due to the cultural taboos in our society.” He said that 168 cases of violence against women were recorded this year so far.

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