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Clerics support Ghani’s, Kaba’s Imam Statement

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Clerics in a gathering supported President Ghani’s new statement and also the Holly Haram-e-Sharif of Kaba here in Kabul.

Hundreds of religious scholars gathering in Haji Abdul Rahman Masjid in Kabul announced their vice of support to the new statement of President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani and the imam of the Holly Haram of Kaba.

They termed Taliban and Daesh acts against   Islam and termed it an imposed war by the enemies of Muslims.

Chief of Kabul Clerics Council Mawlawi Abdul Basir termed the fight against Afghan security forces and other civilians in to controversy to Islam said that this fight has been imposed by the strangers and neighbors seeking their own favor.

Mawlawi Basir while supporting the Afghan security forces asked the both sides to go to peace process and ground the safety of the country and nation.

Muhammad Amin another Shiite clerics in Kabul called Daesh against Islam and Muslims added that those Taliban fighting for the favor of strangers are the enemies of Muslims in Afghanistan.

Amin supporting the fatwa of the Holly Haram of Kaba said that those who are fighting against Muslims are out of Islam. Amin supporting the Afghan security forces said that they are fighting for the defending national integrity of the country and citizens.

Mawlawi Muhammad Yaqob member of Clerics Council of Afghanistan supporting the statement of the president Ghani and the Holly Kaba imam fatwa added that those who are killing the innocent citizens are against Islam and Muslims.

He termed the Taliban those who misuse the Islam for their own benefit said that asked the clerics to enlighten the ideas of the Taliban not to be cheated by the spy agencies.

Mawlawi Ataullah Faizani was another participants of the gathering termed the recent fight of the Taliban and Daesh as the fight imposed on Afghans as the plot of enemies of Muslims.

He termed killing of human a big sin according to Islamic teaches added that they must joint to peace process.

Regarding Daesh he said that they are those who have come from Muslim and none Muslim countries changed the country to the battle of fight   seeking their own goals.

It is while some other clerics while calling the suicide attacks and explosions illegal asked the government to support cleric and enforce Sharia in the country.

Mawlawi Muhammad Ibrahim Barekzai called the inflaming fight in Afghanistan as the plot of Jews and Christians against Afghans under the pretext of Islam said that they are going to defame Islam and Muslims.

And nowhere of Muslims places are secure he said adding the Muslims are being killed in everywhere including in  Masjids and other holly places that exactly it could be the act of enemies of Islam, he said.

It is while three months ago more than 10 worshipers were killed in a masjid in Kabul locality.

It is while Afghan president has called running fight as an imposed war on Afghans and also announced jihad against   those who are killing Afghan security forces and other ordinary citizens.

Shaikh Khalid Alghamidi the imam of Holy Kaba in a trip to Pakistan has called Taliban and Daesh out of Islam and said that those who misinterpret Hadith and the Holly Quran are out of Islam and Sharia.

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