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Commemorating 22nd anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination

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KABUL – Saturday, September 9th, is commemorated as the 22nd anniversary of the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a prominent Jihadi commander. This tragic event unfolded on this very day, when an explosion shook the Khajwa Bahawuddin district of Takhar.

Distinguished figures such as the former President Hamid Karzai and the former chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, have taken to a prominent social media platform to share their reflections on this day.

Former President Hamid Karzai has eloquently remembered Ahmad Shah Massoud as “a great mujahid and patriot of our country, who waged an unforgettable battle for Afghanistan’s independence and freedom until his martyrdom.”

Abdullah, too, paid homage to Massoud’s wisdom, stating, “Ahmad Shah Massoud, one of Afghanistan’s wisest figures, firmly believed that the solution to our country’s problems lay in securing equal rights for all its citizens.”

Born in the Jangalak area of Panjshir district in September 1953, Ahmad Shah Massoud’s early years were spent in Panjshir. He embarked on his educational journey at the tender age of five, first in Panjshir and later in Herat, before continuing his studies in Kabul.

In 1973, Massoud joined the Polytechnic University in Kabul, simultaneously becoming a member of the Nahzat Islamic Afghanistan party. Just two years later, in 1975, he spearheaded the initial rebellion of Panjshir residents against the prevailing government.

However, his academic pursuits took a backseat as he made a profound choice. Fueled by his unwavering determination, Massoud left his studies to confront the Soviet Union.

In a significant turn of events, this former jihadi leader later brokered a truce in his quest for peace with the Russians. This ceasefire allowed Massoud to establish the “Nezar Council,” known as Shura-e Nazar, a formidable coalition of Afghan Mujahedeen military groups. It was recognized as one of the most robust military and guerrilla organizations opposing the Soviet Union.

The life of Ahmad Shah Massoud was tragically cut short when he fell victim to assassination. Two suicide bombers, posing as journalists, carried out this heinous act in the Khajwa Bahawuddin district of Takhar in September 2001. Today, we remember his legacy and contributions to Afghanistan’s struggle for freedom and independence.

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