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Consider national interests, end disputes: CPSF to NUG leaders

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan (CPSA) on Tuesday called on President Ghani and Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah to end the current rifts, and instead work for the national interest.

Since three weeks disputes between the two leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG), has reached at the boiling points after Abdullah blamed Ghani over failure to fulfill commitments mentioned in the political agreement. Shortly after the chief executive remark, Presidential Palace showed reaction, and said that Abdullah’s remark was against the spirit of a good governance.

“Afghanistan is not at the doorsill of the presidential election campaign that both leaders of the NUG nocking doors to seek supports, “the council spokesman, Massoud Trishtwal said.

“None of them (Ghani, and Abdullah) was the winner of election. The NUG government established based on US-brokered deal, thus, the two leaders should end current rifts and work for the national interest,” he added.

Council won’t support anyone neither the president Ghani, nor the CEO Abdullah, he said, adding that this council puts ever-ditch efforts based on nation‘s willingness.

“Political tensions would increase more concerns among the people,” he said, adding that the current rift also put negative impacts on security forces moral in battlefield.

He further went on say: “Current disputes also pave grounds for the enemy’s to bold against us.”

It would be against national interest to further postpone parliamentary elections, he said, terming reforms in electoral body, and implementation of political agreements important to serve national interest.

“CPSA urges the government to bring reforms in electoral bodies, convene constitutional Loya Jirga, as it is mentioned in the political agreement.”

He insisted that Afghan people is more important than political figures for the council. “Both leaders, must not listen to those people “setting in the Presidential Palace and CEO office” who can’t give healthy advices,” he added.

Moreover, he said that governmental posts should not be divided between two leaders only. “The leaders must give chance to other youths in the capital and the provinces,” he asserted.

“We are not in favor to collapse the NUG government, but, definitely support reforms in every sectors, he underlined.

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