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Construction of water dams to begin soon

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KABUL: The Ministry of Energy and Water announces new plans for better water reserves and managements.

Ahmad Wais Basiri, chief executive of ministry of energy and water said Sunday that the ministry was trying to make big plans for the construction of small and large dams for better water management, which their practical works will begin soon.

Basiri added that due to the recent rainfalls, level of the Kajaki water supply in Helmand province had risen by 59 meters, hoping that this would also pave the way for electricity sector and irrigation of the farmlands.

However, last summer, due to severe droughts, the Kajaki Dam was very low and the water level was downed to 46 meters. 

“Unfortunately, for the better management of water, no system has been built up yet, and in the past 18 years, we were not able to properly manage Afghanistan’s waters and a lot of it was lost. The president said that he builds water sections, but so far this remains a commitment,” he said.

According to reports, Afghanistan has 75 billion cubic meters of surface water but only uses 30% of it and 70% of it goes to neighboring countries, especially Iran and Pakistan, and these countries benefit from it without any charges. 

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