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Court acquits journalist Zaman Ahamdi, 12 civil society activists

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KABUL: A primary tribunal in Bamyan province acquitted Zaman Ahmadi a journalist served for several years in prison as well as 12 civil society activists also in jail and ordered for their release.

Ayyamoddin Faqiri, head of the court said Tuesday that evidences and witnesses against Ahmadi and 12 civil society activists were not enough to plea him guilty.

“We acquit the charged persons for the charges they faced. Based on the law, we order that you are free if you are not facing another subject to sentence you in jail,” Faqiri said.

Ahmadi along with 12 civil society activists were detained in 2018 for the charge of provoking demonstrations which turned violence and the demonstrators damaged government installations.

Mohammad Zaher Forogh, Ahmadi’s advocate said that he and the civil society activists who were arrested in connection of the demonstrations, were in their offices while people were in the streets for demonstration.

“Four of them were government employees and were in their offices on the day that they were accused of participating in the demonstration. This was confirmed by their colleagues and bosses. Zaman Ahmadi had a witness and was also in his office on the day demonstration was going on.”

Ahmadi heads a weekly publication in Bamyan and his arrest sparked a widespread of reactions.

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