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Daesh loot Afghanistan’s mineral riches

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KABUL: The European Union (EU) claims that the Daesh terrorist group has got access to “most of Afghan mines”, besides their Taliban counterparts who had already had several mines in the areas under their control.

Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan, on Sunday told Afghan geologists that Daesh and some warlords were enjoying illegal extraction of mines in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan, unfortunately this year is also in the list of dangerous states from money laundering and terrorism financing aspects,” Mayaudon said.

He warned that Afghanistan’s international reputation would be hurt if Kabul government doesn’t prevent illegal mine extractions.

Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh confirmed that the government did not properly use Afghan mines in the past 18 years.

“Protection and maintain of natural resources is a national responsibility for all the people of Afghanistan. Private Sector should invest on mines and keep the mines as a national trust, and should help the government on implementing laws of counter-corruption and smuggling,” said Danesh.

He asked Afghans to cooperate with the government and not let profitable groups or terrorists to loot Afghanistan’s national wealth.

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