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Demolition of Afghan slum houses in Islamabad

Pakistan’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) demolished Afghan slum houses in I-11 Sector of Islamabad. The demolition of the houses where Afghan refugees and IDPs from the tribal belt live is a sheer act of cruelty which doesn’t only violate international law on human rights and refugees but also is against the teachings of Islam—yes Islam, the same religion, which Pakistan calls itself to be fortress of. Before demolishing their houses the government of Pakistan must have managed residential arrangements for those who were dislodged from their slum houses, who were living there for several years, peacefully. But unfortunately, not only they were dislodged, lurched, left stranded, but being labeled as criminals. This is the height and extreme of hypocrisy. The CDA officials said these slum houses were encroachments, but they forgot that these poor families turned into refugees because of Pakistan’s encroachments in Afghanistan. Pakistan persistent interferences turned millions of Afghans into refugees. At that time the Afghan refugees were told that Pakistan is their Madina (a city in Saudi Arabia where the prophet of Islam sought refuge) from the pagans of Makkah. And at the time Bacha Khan, the charismatic nationalist leader told Afghans not to burn their own very house and not to seek refuge in Pakistan as they will face humiliation and miseries will be their destiny. In capital Islamabad there are hundreds other encroachments as well and there are outnumbering religious seminaries built on state land, but the CDA authorities cannot dare to even look into that direction. Though, the same religious seminaries have been producing militants in multitude. All this is happening under the patronage of the successive governments both under military generals and civilian political leaders. In Pakistan, a country where Punjabi terrorist organizations are getting budgets from Punjab government is a safe haven only for those who are militants by nature and doings while those who live peacefully are dislodged. If this is encroachment for the CDA, then why Islamabad has been sheltering Afghan terrorists, feeding them, training them, and sending them back to Afghanistan? Pakistan is a country which spends lavishly on the security of leaders of proscribed militant organizations, for instance on Hafiz Saeed, and Maulana Sufi Mohammad. While those who have no value in strategic designs of Pakistan are badly gassed, baton-charged, brutalized, dragged humiliatingly, even their women are not spared as they were beaten up. They were Afghan and Pashtun women. Their clothes were torn off, dragged from their hair and their homes were set on fire. The Taliban, the Afghan government, and the international community kept looking at the tamasha being created by Pakistan. Where is Taliban’s honor (ghairat)? The extreme happened when Pakistan’s Urdu newspaper published a story before the demolition crackdown that the slum area was razed for sheltering Afghan and Indian intelligence officials. They alleged that terror attacks on GHQ and Kamrah Airbase were planned from this slum area. This demolition operation has taken place in a time when the people of Afghanistan are tacitly celebrating the death reports of Mullah Omar—the supreme leader of the Taliban, and the extreme henchman of Pakistan. When Afghanistan ceases producing the salves of Pakistan, Afghan mothers, sisters, and sons, will take a sigh of relief, but the problem is Pakistan is a master in manufacturing its slaves and through their hands keeping this historically magnificent country on fire.

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