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Despite dropping mother of bombs, Daesh is increasing in Nangarhar: Parliamentarians

MP claims that a container of weapons transferred to Daesh in Nangarhar

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Wednesday expressed deepest concern over increasing of Daesh (Islamic State) fighters and its threats in eastern Nangarhar and some other provinces. They said that despite of dropping of Mother of All Bombs (MoAB) Daesh increased more in Nangarhar.

“Daesh fighters have captured around 90 percent of Chaparhar, 80 percent of Tora Bora, they have plan for Khogiani, Hesarak and Azra in order to cut Kabul-Jalalabad highway,” said Haji Zahir Qadir

He said that “MoAB” the biggest bomb used in Achin district of Nangarhar to eliminate Daesh, foreign forces and government say that Daesh is ending, but all claims are baseless.

I have eye witnesses that three days ago, a container full of weapons transferred to Daesh in Narai Obo area of Nangarhar, he claimed.

He stated that few days ago, Helicopter has deployed 50 Daesh fighters in Badabad area in Behsood district, so we are worried that who are they that killing us and beheading us. Whether they are American, government, or Daesh? If it is Daesh then who supports it?

We want from government clear response in the aspect, if the government is not seriously following the issue for solution, we would take decision, he noted.

He said that Daesh threat will expand to Logar and even Kabul capital, if government does not take action.

He insisted the government must not play with our fate otherwise we will take decision to work for an interim government or seek other ways.

Representative of Nangarhar in Wolesi Jirga Hazrat Ali while expressing concern over Daesh threat in Nangarhar, said that this threat will be expanded to all Afghanistan if not considered seriously.

Lawmaker Mawlawi Rahmani said that Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) signed between government and USA must be discussed seriously.

He said that whether the BSA signed to guaranty security or insecurity in Afghanistan, Daesh is recruiting fighters in Nangarhar, Ghor and Badakhshan provinces.

Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga Abdul Rawof Ibrahimi said that Daesh threat is a matter of concern, government must adopt serious practical action against this phenomenon.

He also ordered for establishing a delegation to travel to Nangarhar and closely assess the threats of Daesh in eastern Nangarhar province.

Daesh or Islamic state footprint has been revealed around two years ago in southern Helmand for the first time and gradually expanded to Nangarhar, Zabul, Ghor, and some other provinces across the country.

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