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Diplomatic frenzy builds ahead of Doha summit on Afghanistan

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KABUL – In the lead-up to the pivotal Doha conference on February 18, special envoys from key nations involved in the Afghanistan situation are stepping up their engagements. China, Iran, Pakistan, and the European Union have heightened discussions, emphasizing the critical role of regional stability.

China’s envoy, during a visit to Pakistan, stressed the necessity of enhanced coordination among neighboring countries for regional stability. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan’s special representative engaged in talks with counterparts from Iran, Pakistan, Britain, and ambassadors of the Netherlands and Canada, as well as holding discussions in Kabul with Taliban officials.

Political analysts suggest that regional countries are focused on securing their interests and may align their stance at the Doha meeting. As the date approaches, countries like Iran, China, and Pakistan, benefiting from ties with the Taliban, are expected to throw their support behind the group.

Notably, the EU’s special representative, Thomas Nicholson, addressed Afghanistan-related issues with Indonesian and Pakistani Foreign Ministers. Preceding the Doha summit, diplomatic gatherings in Kabul and London, including a recent meeting of G7 representatives, underscore the global attention on Afghanistan’s situation.

Despite these diplomatic maneuvers, the Taliban hosted a counter-initiative titled “Regional Cooperation Initiative,” asserting that Afghanistan does not require external representation. The diplomatic stage is set for intense discussions as the world watches developments in the lead-up to the crucial Doha summit.

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