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Dispute over water: ‘Iran fueling insurgency to keep Afghan govt busy’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Iran has been fueling insurgency in the southern Helmand province to divert the central government attention from water dispute between the two states, provincial official said on Tuesday.

Briefing newsmen in Lashkargah, the provincial capital, Helmand’s governor Hayatullah Hayat said, “It has been for four years that Iran increased its support to the Taliban militants in a bid to keep the flame of war erupting in the province.”

He added that Iran is putting weight behind Taliban in their insurgency due to water dispute between the two countries. Iran is doing everything to divert Kabul’s attention from Helmand River water.”

It is worth to be mentioned that Helmand River water has been flowing into Iran since long time, free of cost.

To prove the involvement of Iran in Helmand conflict, the governor informed of discovering and seizing made-in Iran rockets and bullets in the province.

“Iran is nervous with the developmental program of President Ashraf Ghani for prioritizing the Kajaki dam in Helmand and Kamal Khan Dam in Nimroz province,” he added.

Moreover, Hayat informed of an operation to be carried out by the Afghan security force to tame insurgents during winter.

Provincial Council Member, Attaullah Afghan, said Iran had constantly supporting Taliban in Helmand to create obstacles ahead of law and order situation. He also believe that Iran want to keep unresolved the water dispute between the two countries by covertly supporting militants.

Moreover, Abdul Basir, a resident of Musa Kala, said that Iranian officials held meetings with Taliban insurgents in the province and provide them with heavy and light weapons to continue fighting against security forces.

Afghanistan has no major territorial disputes with Iran. However, the disagreement and dispute over the water of Helmand River is threatening issue.

Afghanistan’s government should strengthen the capability of security forces in the insecure Helmand province. Kabul has to resolve its water dispute with Iran and should gear up the construction of ‘Kajaki’ and ‘Kamal Khan’ hydropower dams on priority bases.


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