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Dodged and ditched; NUG proximity with Pakistan was ineffective: Survey

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Afghanistan Freedom House (AFH) on Saturday released a survey revealing that 63 percent of the responders believe that in order to secure national interests the National Unity Government (NUG) was unsuccessful in diplomatic dealing with Pakistan.

The survey titled ‘NUG’s performances from people’s views’ covered 3,011 people including 59 percent men and 40.9 percent women in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Nangarhar and Bamyan provinces.

“The survey finding showed that 63 percent of people’s views were negative about government’s interaction with Pakistan,” said Senior Researcher of AFH Rohullah Rezwan.

He said that most of the interviewees believe that in order to secure the country interest the government foreign policy was not effective in interaction with Pakistan.

According to survey, people’s views are positive regarding government’s interaction with other Asian, European countries and the United States.

Finding of the survey demonstrated that 83 percent responders believed that government interaction was effective with India, 66 percent view was positive regarding interaction with China and 41 percent interviewees called government diplomacy dealing positive with Iran.

In the survey, 41 percent people called government interaction successful with Russia in order to secure the country interest. Over half of interviews’ views were positive regarding government dealing with Islamic counties as well as 55 percent people believed that government diplomacy dealing was effective with European countries.

The survey shows that 61 percent of responders said that in order to secure the country interest NUG was successful in diplomacy relation with US.

Regarding peace and security, 77 percent of the interviews said that Afghan security forces were successful in retaliation attack against Taliban, mentioned the survey.

43 percent of people called signing peace deal with Hezb-e-Islami effective.

The survey also reveals that 81 percent responders called government performance in attracting private investment positive.

Meanwhile, some people believed that the questioner followed by the survey was likely at the favor of government. Mahbobullah, a Kabul resident said that the question was mostly at favor of government.

He came up with example that the interviewees asked regarding equipment and supporting of security forces, which is clear that the answer will be positive.

The surveyors must ask question about rifts and political challenges inside the government, about the issue of tribalism and nepotism.

He said that regarding investment, there is report that due to insecurity most of people are afraid of investment in the country, but this report called the performances positive.

Generally, the report shows that the NUG in cooperation with the number of civil society organs struggling to gain people satisfaction through releasing such reports.

It is pertained to mention that Afghanistan Freedom House is a research organization which till date has conducted to survey over Parliament performances form people view, breaching of constitution of Afghanistan and usurpation of land in the country.

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