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Doha summit won’t legitimize Taliban, says ex-US ambassador

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KABUL – Former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker has vehemently asserted that the highly anticipated international gathering in Doha regarding Afghanistan will not confer legitimacy upon the Taliban’s governing body.

In an exclusive interview with Voice of America, Crocker emphasized that the United Nations, as the host of the impending meeting, bears the responsibility to unequivocally declare that the Taliban regime does not warrant recognition and should not be acknowledged as a legitimate authority.

Directing sharp criticism towards the Biden administration, Crocker accused it of neglecting Afghanistan’s dire situation and turning a blind eye to the draconian bans imposed on women’s education and employment under Taliban rule.

Moreover, Crocker alleged that the Taliban remains obstinately unchanged in its ideological and political stance, maintaining troubling affiliations with terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, thereby posing a significant threat not only to Afghanistan but also to the wider region and the global community.

Highlighting the imperative of sustained diplomatic endeavors, Crocker advocated for proactive measures by the United States to counter potential threats looming in the region.

In a parallel development, a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council underscored that the Taliban government must fulfill its obligations before any consideration of recognition. John Kirby reiterated that the United States has not pursued normalization of relations with the Taliban, firmly reiterating the nation’s unchanged policy stance towards the group.

Despite the forthcoming Doha meeting, where discussions on the Taliban’s status are anticipated, Washington remains resolute in its stance, emphasizing that no steps have been taken to normalize or recognize the Taliban regime. Concerns persist over the governance and policies of the Taliban government, casting a shadow over the prospects of international acceptance.

Scheduled to convene next Sunday, the meeting in Doha aims to assemble special envoys from diverse nations to deliberate on the future trajectory of Afghanistan. Crocker’s assertions echo widespread international skepticism regarding the legitimacy and true intentions of the Taliban government, underscoring the precariousness of the situation in Afghanistan.

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