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Drug addiction on rise in Ghazni

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: As the government has increased crackdown on drug addiction in the capital city, drug addicts are turning to the Southern Ghazni province because drugs and narcotics are being sold openly without any sense of fear from anti-narcotic officials.

Nasraullah Naeemi, the head of a rehabilitation center, told media that about 3,500 addicts have been treated over the past few years. He said that these addicts were treated despite lack of resources.  But the number of drug addicts has constantly been on the rise as narcotics is being sold openly.

“After being treated the addicts people once again turn to narcotics as drugs are available for them at daylight in Ghazni City,” he said.

He said the government should spare no efforts to stop narcotics for being sold in the province.

“Currently 50 drug addicts are under medical treatment,” Naeemi said.

He said that such treatments would have no positive results until there is a strict war on narcotics.

Drug smugglers and peddlers sometimes threatened staff of drug addicts’ rehabilitation center, he added.

A resident of Qarah Bagh district, Asadullah who fell prey to drug addiction in Iran, said that drugs such as hashish, opium and heroin were being sold in Ghazni city openly.

He said that his family expelled him after they attempted several times to rehabilitate but when they found it that he was not going to quit addiction, he was cast away.

“Only government can stop us from drug addiction, if it provides the youth with jobs,” said Asadullah.

Nearly 30,000 people of drug addicts in Ghazni.

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