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ED: Another Moscow moot

The Russian Federation has planned hosting of another conference on Afghanistan at Moscow from May 27th. The moot is part of Soviet-Afghan relations 100th years celebration and aimed at renewal of historical relations for the better future of both the countries. No one can neglect the fact that for a brief period, some of the Afghans made unhappy and disappointed when the USSR in according to an old agreement invaded its troops in Afghanistan. The USSR paid too much for that blunder otherwise during last 100 years, the Russians did a lot in development of Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghan nationals have been educated and even settled in Russian Federation and other Central Asian Republics, remain part of USSR. After Pushto and Dari, Russian language could be considered third major spoken language in Afghanistan. Overwhelming majority of Afghanistan likes Russians and happy with friendship between the two countries. It is the fact that Afghan Mujahideen defeated Russian and forced it to pull former Soviet Union troops out of Afghanistan. And since pulling its troops out of Afghanistan, the Russian leadership especially sitting President Putin always made efforts for political resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan and extended support and pledges in the reconstruction process as well in restoration of war destroyed state infrastructures and economy. In previous January, the Russian Federation earned hearts of the Afghans by hosting a very fruitful first ever intra-Afghan gathering at Moscow. Like of January, the Russian Federation has also invited former President Hamid Karzai along with leading figures from politico-religious circles from all over the country. Likewise, the Russian government has extended invitation to Doha based Taliban Political Office leaders and representatives to reach in Moscow and participate in the conference aimed pulling Afghanistan and its people out of existing crises. On end of previous January moot at Moscow, almost of the participants have shown extra ordinary jubilation and hopeful of its positive outcomes. But unfortunately certain external forces had made attempts for its derailing. As a result, the recently held Doha talks between US Special envoy and Taliban leaders terminated without any result. So far no one is aware about participation in the second Moscow moot but it could be made a stepping stone towards the goals-the goals are return of complete peace and end to violence in Afghanistan, which is possible through broad based reconciliation made in past in according to traditional Loya Jirga’s since the days of great Ahmad Shah Abdali. Now the Afghan leadership whether they are part of the existing political process or not must keep in mind that all of the regional and neighboring countries are least concerned with genocide and destruction in Afghanistan. Only a few countries are seem interested an end to conflict in Afghanistan.

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