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ED: Fighting for?

Very boldly and frankly a team of Haqqani terrorist network visited a town in District Buner near to Swabi of Pakistan couple of days back whereas they beside informing relatives of a young boy who along with several others killed in US led troops action near to Jalalabad in Nangarhar province have also made a comprehensive speech regarding what they called legitimate “Jihad” in Afghanistan. Noor Muhammad a young boy who was sent by poor parents to a seminary in Chakwal Punjab for getting Islamic education had joined other likeminded fellows on what they called Jihad journey towards Afghanistan. For the purpose they were reportedly facilitated by unknown seminary men in Charsada and he reached somewhere in Nangarhar. Father of deceased is working as overseas labour in United Arab Emirates and the relatives received a telephonic call with an advice to make arrangements for funeral as they have to hand over several other dead bodies in Swabi, Charsada and another team is working on same assignments at Lakki Marwat district. But the relatives surprised when they received eight-persons with long beards on faces, introducing them from Haqqani Terrorist Network. Without further explanation one of them went on delivering a speech, highlighting importance’s of Jihad. And the speech sessions were also resumed after Asar prays (free dust prays). In the meantime one of the relative questioned about the dead body. He was told that Noor Muhammad was one amongst 25 Pakistanis killed during attack on their compound near to Jalalabad on 1st of Ramadan (May 5th) and it was impossible for them to retrieve the dead bodies immediately, therefore, they were laid to rest on site. Little before departure of the Haqqani terrorist network men from the house of Noor Muhammad, a leading politician who is associated with a nationalist political party also met them and after apprising him about the sad episode, he said, “all of you are guests but I request you to stop this business of killing on sacred name of Jihad and Islam. Parents sent Noor Muhammad to get Islamic education, not to go for fighting across the line in Afghanistan.” He asked these eight people to please convey his request to their seniors as millions of Pakhtoons from both sides of Durand Line were badly affected and now they couldn’t afford more bloodshed on the name of Jihad. Ironic to mention that concerned police station was timely informed about the telephonic calls. Even some of the high ups of law enforcing agencies might be informed but no one noticed it. Even the persons delivering speech about Jihad had claimed that they are allowed and authorized by the government-government of Pakistan for preaching of Jihad without any hurdle and restrictions. Noor Muhammad was not first or last but reports from across the Durand Line reveal that several groups including banned terrorist groups are engaged in supply of fighters to Afghanistan through Haqqani Terrorist Network. Government in Kabul needs to take a notice of the situation.

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