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ED: Hard days for PTM

The ingeniously established Pakhtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) is ahead with hard days as Pakistani organs initiated acts and actions against its leading members. At least nine of its leading members from Swabi have been arrested on the charges of arranging a rally without permission on August 10 last and using derogatory language against the Pakistani state organs, especially armed forces and its affiliated spy agencies. On the same day, a PTM lady member was stopped upon arrival at Islamabad airport from London. She is also included amongst 19 PTM stalwarts nominated in FIR registered by Swabi police. Ms. Gulalai Ismael after several hours’ detention was later freed on bail and is now embarked on a legal battle against the Pakistani state organs. Whatever might be outcomes of the legal battle but it is crystal clear that judicial institutions throughout Pakistan now lacking its independent and autonomous status, therefore, no one could expect better from this. Since its inception in January 2018 in the wake of country wide protests against fake police encounter caused lost to lives several Pakhtoon youths included South Waziristan’s Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud, the PTM facing criticism. At early stage, the PTM was backed by almost of political parties but now it seems isolated. Even the nationalist Pakhtoon parties are reluctant to support its leaders. Even the PTM leadership is also divided on the issue of July 25, 2018 elections. Two if its founding members have been elected to the Lower House (National Assembly) but a circle within PTM didn’t own them, thus causing surfacing the internal rifts lingering on from last several months. On one hand, the state organs and its loyalists are considering the PTM- a body allegedly backed and dictated from abroad and on the other its circles are ahead with worst kind of internal rifts. Similarly, distancing of nationalists from its activities are also multiplying hardships for some of the PTM leaders. No doubt to mention that PTM made a remarkable role in highlighting  problems, hardships and state atrocities against Pakhtoons but in July 25 general elections its leadership negative voices also helped in shameful defeat of these nationalist parties. Some of PTM stalwarts are known for their hostile attitude towards nationalist parties and underground links towards state run agencies. Along with legal battling the PTM leaders must realize its previous mistakes and go for consultation with the nationalist Pakhtoon leaders whom sincerity are beyond doubts and suspicious for serving the genuine rights of Pakhtoons since a long.


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