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ED: Loya Jirga is a solution to crisis; not coup

As the people of Afghanistan from different ethnicities and with different political, social, economic and cultural viewpoints accept the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) as the major factor that can help pull out the country from crisis and problems, they (Afghan masses) demand the grand assembly should be called whenever the country faces a big problem. The Loya Jirga has proved it has the most important position in the Afghan society and people have frequently experienced it as the only element that can lead the nation toward unity and co-existence. It is a fact that Loay Jirga helped a lot in resolving issues in our country by giving a greater proposal to the government amid at ending problems and challenges. In the course of history, Loya Jirga was convened to help restore stability, it was never used in scenes of coup, and it will not be used in the future. People are now in need for the Loya Jirga more than any other time, because the country is facing serious security and economic problems. The security is going to be worsened day after day as the domestic (Taliban, Daesh, Haqqani network and other armed groups) and foreign enemies are doing most to destabilize the situation. Joblessness, corruption, robberies and other organized crimes have taken hope for a safe life from the people who had been in fear for four decades. Nobody is sure what will happen tomorrow, thus investment is decreasing and the businessmen are trying to shift their capitals from country that results more unemployment. All the ordinary people are asking for the Loya Jirga call. Politicians who are looking realistically to the situation are also supportive to the Loya Jirga. But unfortunately, a few people for different reasons are making efforts to create obstacles ahead of it. Some of the government officials are in particular against the Loya Jirga as in an announcement, officials of the government were asked not to attend meetings and other gatherings held to support the Jirga. This is actually an attempt that bans people either in the government or opposition or even ordinary people to be optimistic about the Jirga. Unfortunately, Vice President, Sarwar Danesh who is a prominent professor of law, said recently that calling the Loya Jirga at present time would mean a “soft coup de tat”. Mr. Danesh is a respectful lawyer and was not expected to say such words. We are noticing how much Danesh is doing for betterment of our society, but his concept of Jirga is not true. We highly appreciate Danesh’s efforts for turning challenges into opportunity, but never thought he would talk against Jirga which is very much popular in our society. It is very disappointing to hear from him something which is against our Constitution. Loya Jirga’s place is very clearly mentioned in our Constitution, and comparing this to a coup—something that takes place illegally that means military power, is totally injustice. This could be another attempt by the government that does not want the Jirga be called. Opposing the Loya Jirga means opposition to democracy and people’s wish. While the nation wants the Jirga, why don’t our statesmen this? They are requested to obey the people’s demands because this people helped them get senior government position through their votes. If the government continues opposition to the Loya Jirga, they are undoubtedly have no respect to the people. This means that government is trampling democracy and people’s decision is nothing for them.

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