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ED: Is peace in the offing?

It would be quite irritating if anyone cast doubts on any clandestine intentions of National Unity Government for peace and stability to be restored in the war-hit country. No doubt, the government is making all efforts to find way out of current challenges. But question is that why we are deepening in crisis by passing each day instead of its riding. It would be wise to not get too ahead of ourselves just yet because the current scenes do seem nostalgic for ones with a good memory. There has been peace efforts since longtime, but unfortunately did not reap the desired results. War has been intensified with more fatalities to military and civilians. Many parts of districts have been collapsed to the Taliban in several provinces. As a whole we are stuck with plenty of problems that needed to be resolved in soonest time. If the NUG failed to do it alone, it is better to have consultation with different tribes across the country, and if felt necessary, should also include political parties in most important matters of the country. Surely, there would good result by talking frankly about current issues and that will also help make the mind up to find a logical solution. Amid growing efforts for peace, President Ashraf Ghani assured the nation that peace will come. He called for a national forum for peace in the country. According to President, the ground that has been provided for peace is unique considering in the past 40 years. People have realized importance of peace during three days of ceasefire. Ghani’s remark come as Alice Wells, the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, met with Taliban officials in Qatar this week to discuss was to lay the groundwork for peace talks. This is great. We want peace as we suffered a lot during four decades of war and bloodshed. Moreover, as we can’t fight cancer with statements only, the same we can’t fight terrorism, or bringing Talban militants into table of talks by mere statements or speeches. The three days of truce was unprecedented, but rejection of Taliban to extend truce was another big headache. Taliban insurgents resumed operation in the last minute of truce. The meeting of Taliban members by US official is a great startup. We want peace to come, no matter from which lens. The Afghan masses have worn-out from ongoing war that has been taking high toll on them. Peace is our only demand, and that should be designed properly in a bid to give birth to a substantial peace, stability, and prosperity.


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