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ED: Presidential polls vs Peace Process

Overwhelming majority, especially socio-politico, religious and communal leadership is engaged in preparations and campaigning in connection with fourth Presidential polls, schedule to be held in coming July. As a result, it posing bad or negative impacts on US brokered Peace Process which in the wake of recent developments seems to be entering into a decisive stage. Most recently there is a visible positive shift in policies of Doha Qatar based Taliban leadership who in the wake of growing miseries of countrymen and exposure of nefarious intensions of certain regional and neighboring countries are now in favor of reconciliation. Taliban tehrik co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar after getting release in previous October is still facing restrictions on his movement from Pakistan towards Qatar and across the crossing points in Afghanistan. Whereas the Qatar based Taliban besides shaking hands with fellow politicians including religious figures at Moscow, Russia have also refused to visit Pakistan and Saudi Arab. These shifts confirm their willingness to help in resolving of the long standing conflict through peaceful and politics means. Most recently in Abu Dhabi and Moscow, the Taliban leaders have backed the ideas of joining political process in the country but they having reservations over the existing set up. However the politicians who travelled to Moscow believe that such reservations could easily be sorted out through table-talks and consultation in according to rich traditions of Jirga’s. But unfortunately the presidential polls are going to be main obstacle in the peace process aimed at settling of long standing conflict through peaceful and political ways. Instead of consuming energies on Presidential polls, leadership needs to focus maximum attentions on taking the peace process towards its ultimate goals-which is an end to all sort of hostilities and confrontation and making assemble the Afghans in favor of the political system evolved after prolong  bloodshed and destruction in the motherland. No one can deny or could oppose that wars and hostilities couldn’t resolve issues or rifts. Resolution to all such issues rests in political dialogues. Afghans suffered a lot as a result of meddling in affairs of motherland by certain foreign, especially regional and neighboring countries. By meddling in internal affairs of Afghanistan, these foreign and regional countries making attempts to escape from newly extremist and terrorist’s trends, emerged in Syria and Iraq and now making routes towards South Asian region. Almost Afghan leaders are now realizing needs for reconciliation and ending to hostilities, therefore, they needs to further expedite the US backed peace process which hopefully would yield results in according to sincere involvement and interests on the part of Ambassador Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad.

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