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ED: Talks revoked; Kabul relative calm shattered

A fresh round of violence gripped Afghanistan’s capital city where blasts near Ministry of Telecommunication shattered relative calm days in which numerous deadly attacks were carried out. It occurred days after revocation of talks between Afghan delegation and Taliban members to discuss how to end the country’s 18 years old war. This also comes as the Taliban insurgents recently announced their annual spring offensive. The talks fell apart after disagreements over who should attend, where Taliban reacted over 250-member delegation, criticizing it in mocking chic. It is not a wedding invitation; it is a formal peace talks in a Persian Gulf country, Taliban said, but received a very logical response from new Afghan younger generations with suggestion to hold talks inside Afghanistan as we have big hotels and conference halls to abridgment fat delegation of Afghan government and fat Taliban Mullahs and negotiation members. Many educated ordinary Afghans asked for shifting Doha talks to home. According to them, there are gigantic wedding halls that could fit for carrying out the talks. And also Afghani food is much delicious as much as Qataris. In that situation everyone can take part in the talks without fear of rejection, or fly tickets cancellation. Let’s bring the peace talks under our own control, and Taliban negotiation members would be welcomed here alike in Doha—probably more than that. Taliban said they have nothing to do with Kabul terrorist attack. But, Taliban insurgents conducted similar attacks in different parts of Kabul city in particular, and across Afghanistan in general. However, education Afghans in social media, especially in twitter, accused Taliban for attacking non-military installations, which shows how weak they are. Anyways, Taliban’s rejection could be taken as a positive move toward ongoing peace efforts. Assuredly, they must understand that war is not the solution. The more we fight the more devastation awaits. Talks is the only way, but military operation to suppress not only the Taliban, but all the terrorists beside peace efforts must goes on to quell them before posing security threat. With cancellation of peace talks, and resumption of fighting, the generated hope among Afghan masses had once again washed away for a stable peace via ongoing peace talks in the face of conclusion of fifth round of talks between US special envoy and Taliban members. There is frustration and such uncertainty have given uninvited feeling to the Afghans that peace still is a distant dream.

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