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ED: Trust deficit

Contrary to tall claims on the part of high ranking Pakistani authorities, relations between the two neighbouring countries are on decline due to stock of reasons specially increasing violent acts in parts and parcels throughout Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Minister of States and Frontier Regions Mr. Sheharyar Afridi has claimed that Pakistan is playing a vital role in Afghanistan peace process and Prime Minister Imran Khan is in favour of early and honorable repatriation of Afghan refugees. He expressed these views while addressing a ceremony at a refugee camp near Peshawar. The ceremony was also addressed by Afghan official, likely by National Security Council Advisor Sarwar Ahmadzai. Like of past, Pakistan’s minister narrated tale of what he claimed unprecedented support and support to Afghans at tough time, adding that outstanding issues with Afghanistan are being dealt in a humble manner. In this respect he informed that airspace was opened on the request of Afghanistan, enabling its commercial and cargo flights of resuming operations with Asian and other Middle East destinations. Afridi has also said that Afghanistan is a sovereign country and Pakistan is ready to extend every possible support to people of Afghanistan in this respect. But Minster Afrifdi said nothing about Afghanistan’s request for sincere help in ending of violence and terror. Two days ago worst kind of terror acts occurred in Kandahar and Kabul simultaneously, killing and injuring innocent and helpless civilians. It became clear, based on our NDS agency that Kandahar attack against police headquarter was plotted in Chaman of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Likewise, since along the militants camping and sheltering in scattered areas of Pakistan, especially in tribal regions are engaged in violent and terror acts throughout war ravaged Afghanistan.  Afghanistan and Pakistan are not only neighboring countries but its people are linked in unbreakable relations with each other. They are not only sharing similar historical, cultural, religious, historical and social values but even today are ahead with similar security threats, economic hardships. Since a long people and leaders in Afghanistan are striving for peace and ending to every sort of hostilities in the country. Though they are getting assurances and commitments from all sides, especially from Pakistan but nothing is visible in practice. Mr. Afridi is right that Pakistan is too important for Afghanistan and can play a key role in resolving of maximum issues ahead to Afghanistan and its people. Afghanistan always appreciated Pakistan for its support to Afghans and attached great hopes regarding peace, stability and reconciliation. Pakistan so far did nothing to a peaceful Afghanistan, rather sent terrorist and that in dozens to carry out subversive activates, in which, beside Afghan security forces, civilians—children and women among them, were the most victims. Afghanistan always expressed desire of having good and friendly relations with regional countries, and neighbors based on mutual respect. Now it is up to Pakistan whether to help Afghan people in their quest of peace, or wanted to be more discarded.

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