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Editorial: Afghanistan’s security

Foreign ministers of the NATO member states are scheduled to meet today and Friday to discuss different important issues including support for Afghanistan. Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, hinted about continued support to the Afghan law enforcement agencies and discussion of plans for the Resolute Support mission in the two-day summit in Brussels. In the today’s summit, the alliance members would certainly express concerns over growing insecurity in Afghanistan which is not only a headache for Afghan people but also for the international community. NATO member states have contributed a lot to the country since fall of the Taliban regime.

The decisions that the foreign ministers would take in the two-day meeting would have a long-lasting impact on Afghanistan’s politics, security and economy. Instead of going forward the country is moving backward, in some fields. On security front, the Afghan government failed to fill the leadership vacuum and the lead the ongoing war against insurgents to the ultimate end. The Islamic State, also known as Daesh in the country, is spreading to different provinces. Earlier, it was only in eastern Nangarhar. However, it has presence now in Logar, Kunar, Badakhshan and several other provinces. Dealing with Daesh will be a difficult job to carry out efficiently and in timely manner. It will need enormous financial and human resources. Capacity building of security agencies, especially secret services is imperative to trace leadership of Daesh in the country. If the multi-national terrorist group was not prevented from recruiting fighters and establishing bases in other parts of the country, the government will soon find itself caught between the devil and deep blue sea.

Fortunately, the government is doing well to bring peace to the country, though the Taliban rejected to take part in the direct peace talks. But the Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan is mulling to join the government and renounce violence. The group has already announced ceasefire. The draft of the peace deal has been finalized, waiting for signatures now. From Afghans’ viewpoint, the NATO foreign ministers should also discuss support for the Afghan peace process. Elements that are sabotaging the peace process shall be dealt with iron hands. The Taliban and other militant groups are still active in the country and are killing people. The alliance shall ponder over military assistance including supply of weapons and surveillance system to Afghanistan. Military assistance is imperative to win the war on terror in the country. In this modern age mere numbers don’t matter. Modern equipments are essential to fight the war. Capacity building is another important issue needs attention of the NATO.

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