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Editorial: All are corrupted?

Afghanistan has merely stuck with two big predicaments – the ongoing war and the endemic corruption. Coronavirus pandemic is indeed one the biggest quandary, but its universal phenomenon, and the vaccine is already out. Nevertheless, the war in the country is turning to its most hideous ever. At least 50 civilians have been killed and over 1,400 others received injuries in the past three months of grace violence. This includes 35 suicide attacks, including a deadly use of VBIED. In the most recent ruthless attacks on educational institutions, at least 50 people, most of them students were killed and over 100 others wounded. This speaks a little about the fatality of the ongoing war.

Corruption in Afghanistan is prevalent, and the country has been recognized as one of the most corrupt states in the world. Almost all the government institutions and high-ranking officials are accused of being directly or indirectly involved in corruption. The Presidential Palace accused the Parliament of corruption with the latest attack from First Lady Rula Ghani where she described the Lower House as a vote-trading ground. Those ministerial nominees failed to get a vote of confidence, will continue to work, and morally the lawmakers have no right if what Rula Ghani says is right – a corrupt house of the people. Furthermore, all the ministers who managed to receive votes from Parliament must also be held accountable because they paid to get in office. In such a ghastly scenario, both the lawmakers and ministers are involved in corruption. But the Presidential Palace is also considered as a hotbed of corruption. Many of his officials have recently been exposed. What Rula Ghani says is a direct insult to the parliament and the democratic values. We are claiming to have been practicing democracy, while dictatorially insisting to keep the failed nominees at office. This is another way of totalitarianism. This is a clear disrespect of the Constitution as well. Such a dictatorial approach and that from the Presidential Palace is really concerning.

There are and would be issues everywhere in countries on this planet, but let’s solve it peacefully without attacking or humiliating each other. Officials should improve their problem-solving skills to understand other points of view and to come up with ways to make things right in a fair way. The world is watching us, monitoring all our activity. We should look around with an open eye. Security situation is deteriorating on a daily basis. Also peace talks with the Taliban group would not be an easy task. Well-calculated plan is needed for the hour. There are several other important issues to talk about rather than to fight for just some failed ministerial nominees.

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